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  • Jul.22, 2015

J CUBE announces the release of "multiverse", the next generation storage backend for Alembic.

J Cube Inc., the R&D entity of Polygon Pictures Inc.(PPI) based in Tokyo, Japan, announces the release of "multiverse", the next generation storage backend for Alembic. At PPI we use "multiverse for Autodesk Maya" (http://www.autodesk.com/products/maya), a powerful plug-in integration of this technology.


multiverse relies on Git (https://git-scm.com), the powerful distributed source control system, and inherits all its revolutionary features such as compact history, natural data de-duplication, cryptographic data-integrity and SSH Internet network protocol. In addition, multiverse unlocks interesting workflow features such as alternate storage timelines, branching, history-as-a-feature, collaborative work capabilities and publishing.

multiverse is powered by libgit2 (https://libgit2.github.com) and is API-compatible with Alembic. We are releasing the technology for SIGGRAPH 2015 (http://s2015.siggraph.org) as open source software under GNU GPLv3 license at https://github.com/j-cube/multiverse.

Production companies interested in valuations may contact us at support@j-cube.jp.

For more information about multiverse, please visit the following websites.

multiverse -> https://github.com/j-cube/multiverse
J Cube Inc. -> http://j-cube.jp



Outperforms Alembic built-in HDF5 (https://www.hdfgroup.org/HDF5) and "Ogawa" back-ends in global terms of performance (read/write/update & disk size). Design allows for rapid access to any element in the scene hierarchy.


Save an Alembic file and then save more iterations of your work on top of it. Create parallel branches. Roll back changes... etc.

Compact Data Representation

Uses native Git ∆ delta compression by design. Its natural data de-duplication works across frames and across the whole multiverse history.

Internet Protocol & Sharing

Store and share Alembic files on network. Work collaboratively. Push/Pull (publish) via SSH. Each Alembic file is a repository.

TD Friendly

Properties can be checked-out as text JSON (http://json.org) files for manual or scripted access. Explore scenes using any Git web-based software like GitHub (https://github.com), BitBucket (https://bitbucket.org) etc.

Cryptographic Data Integrity

Guaranteed by design: any data corruption is immediately known. Uses unique cryptographic hashes on the content.

Open Source Licensing

Released under GNU GPLv3. Freely use with open software, contact us for commercial integration.

100% Cross-Platform

64 bit architecture, available on both Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.