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  • Jul.02, 2020

New Animated Feature Film Announced!
Mobile Game Development and TV Series Re-Run Also Confirmed!

Knights of Sidonia: one of the signature works of internationally acclaimed manga creator Tsutomu Nihei (Aposimz, BLAME!, etc.), winner of the Kodansha Manga Award and Seiun Award, and domestic best-seller.
TV adaptation created by Polygon Pictures to commemorate 30 years in the industry, winner of numerous awards and the first domestic anime production to be simultaneously streamed worldwide.
Both the comic and anime series have made major waves.

Next year, Knights of Sidonia will return!
We have reformed the core team and work is in progress on this final chapter of the story, under supervision of original manga creator Tsutomu Nihei.
Featuring some new and different content from the original comic, the animated feature film Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars (Sidonia no Kishi: Ai Tsumugu Hoshi) is scheduled for release in 2021.
As our team weaves together this final chapter of the saga, we hope you are all looking forward to the epic conclusion!

Official site has been re-opened as of today!
Please check it out for more Knights of Sidonia details as these are revealed.
Official Knights of Sidonia Site: sidonia-anime.jp

See the new trailer at the below URL!

New Images and Teaser Trailer Revealed!
Background and Theme Music by Yasutaka Nakata and Toshiko Koshijima’s CAPSULE!

Feelings are growing between the ace Guardian mech pilot Nagate Tanikaze and the Gauna-human hybrid Tsumugi Shiraui. A teaser visual showing the couple – at a height difference of 15 meters – holding hands has now been revealed.
In addition, the newly released promotional trailer features the song “Utsusemi”, by Yasutaka Nakata and Toshiko Koshijima’s group CAPSULE, to further hype up this long-awaited final battle for Sidonia, where the crew must once more fight to protect those they love, and for the future of humanity itself!

Official site has been re-opened as of today!
Please check it out for more Knights of Sidonia details as these are revealed.

Comments from the Staff

◆Original Author/Creative Supervisor: Tsutomu Nihei
Everyone, we have finally announced Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars. I’m Tsutomu Nihei, creator of the original comic. Hello. I’m sure there are people out there wondering: those of us who’ve read the comics already know how this story ends; there’s no way it will be as enjoyable compared to someone who is seeing it for the first time! However, Love Woven in the Stars also reveals some answers which were not in the original comic! I didn’t put these parts in the comic originally as I wanted to leave it up to the readers’ imaginations… is what I would say but that’s a lie – I just forgot to write them! And the film contains a number of other new elements as well. So even if you have read the comic, it’s a must-see! And if you haven’t read the comic yet, I’m sure you’ll want to after seeing the film! I can’t wait to see it either!

◆Supervising Director: Hiroyuki Seshita
Sidonia is a very special title to me.
From the day we submitted the pitch, to the first day I met Mr. Nihei and co-director Shizuno, it’s all etched indelibly into my memory. It feels like I set sail on a journey then; one that continues to this day. And now the journey of Sidonia nears its end. I am so glad to be able to share these final moments of our story with all the fans who have supported Sidonia.

◆Director: Tadahiro“Tady” Yoshihira
Knights of Sidonia was the title that sparked in me the will to become a director, so no other title holds as much importance for me. We built this tale not just for the existing fans who have supported us, but also for those who will see this for the first time, to know the scale of this story, its quirks and its personality.
We are proud to bring you this entertainment spectacle of the life-and-death battle between the human race and the Gauna, and the deep emotional drama of those caught in its midst.


Game Development Underway

A new challenge for the Knights of Sidonia IP: a mobile phone game based on the property has begun development.
Planned to be released by WFS in 2021 alongside the feature film. Stay tuned for further updates.

Official Teaser Site: https://knightsofsidoniagame.com/

(c)Tsutomu Nihei/Kodansha, KOS Film Partners (c)WFS

Re-Run and Streams of TV Series Knights of Sidonia: Season 1

A re-run of season one of the series Knights of Sidonia will begin each week on Saturday from July 11th, 25:30 on TOKYO MX and BS11.
This will also be streamed on Niconico Live each week from Saturday, July 18th, 24:30.
Be sure to check it out in the lead-up to the release of Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars in theaters.

Niconico Live: Repeat Stream for Knights of Sidonia: Season 1
Weekly from Saturday, July 18th, 24:30
URL: https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv326702017

Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars Commemorative Niconico Live Stream: Photosynthesize with Aya and Ayane on Nico Live!

To celebrate the announcement of the new feature film, Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars, on Saturday, July 11th, from 21:00 Niconico Live will be holding a special program: Photosynthesize with Aya and Ayane on Nico Live! Featuring Aya Suzaki, voice of Tsumugi Shiraui, and Ayane Sakura, voice of Mozuku Kunato!

Photosynthesize with Aya and Ayane on Nico Live! Program Details:
Time: Saturday, July 11th. Starting 20:30, ends 21:00.
Appearances by: Aya Suzaki (voice of Tsumugi Shiraui), Ayane Sakura (voice of Mozuku Kunato),Hiroyuki Seshita (Supervising Director),Tadahiro “Tady” Yoshihira (Director)
URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv326752698

———— Love at a 15-meter height difference

After the Earth was destroyed by mysterious alien lifeforms known as the Gauna, surviving remnants of the human race escaped to space in the enormous generation ship Sidonia.
Having drifted through space for millennia, the Sidonia found itself once more under attack from Gauna for the first time in a century.

Once again facing the threat of extinction, a temporary victory against the Gauna was eked out thanks to the human-Gauna hybrid Tsumugi Shiraui and ace Guardian mech pilot Nagate Tanikaze.

10 years later...
The people of Sidonia enjoy a brief respite.
Peaceful days pass, during which Tsumugi begins to realize her feelings for Nagate, who is now celebrated as a hero of Sidonia.
However, as Captain Kobayashi has always known, as long as the Gauna remain, peace cannot last.

The decision is made: a final battle, upon which rests the fate of humanity's last survivors.
As the end approaches, will the crew be able to protect those they love?

Main Production Staff
Based on the manga "Knights of Sidonia" by Tsutomu Nihei (published by KODANSHA Ltd.)
Creative Consultant: Tsutomu Nihei
Supervising Director: Hiroyuki Seshita
Directed by: Tadahiro "Tady" Yoshihira
Screenplay: Sadayuki Murai / Tetsuya Yamada
Production Designer: Naoya Tanaka
Art Director: Mitsunori Kataama
CG Supervisor: Takuma Ishibashi / Masayuki Uemoto
Animation Director: Reiji Nagazono
Background Art Director: Mitsuo Yoshino
Color Designs: Hironori Noji
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Music:Shuji Katayama
Theme Song / Insert Song: CAPSULE
Lyrics by / Composed by: Yasutaka Nakata
Music Production: King Records
Animation Production: Polygon Pictures
Distribution: The Klockworx