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  • Aug.04, 2017

Multiple Emmy Award winning series Lost in Oz has officially been released on Amazon Prime Video on August 4th!!

The first season of Lost in Oz, with animation production from Polygon Pictures, and winner of 3 awards at this year's Emmys has officially been released on Friday, August 4th on Amazon Prime Video.

Lost in Oz is an original animated series from Amazon Prime Video and production company Bureau of Magic.
Developed and produced by Bureau of Magic’s Mark Warshaw, Darin Mark, Jared Mark, and Abram Makowka, this contemporary re-imagining of L. Frank Baum’s extraordinary universe is designed by Flaunt Productions (Under Siege, Project Spark), with music by Adam Berry (The Penguins of Madagascar) and theme music by Mark Mothersbaugh (The Lego Movie).

12-year-old Dorothy Gale is stranded in the great metropolis of Emerald City. There she meets West, an aspiring witch who is drawn to the allure of dark enchantments, and Ojo, a giant munchkin. Together with Dorothy's dog Toto, this unlikely crew embarks on an epic journey, seeking the magic Dorothy needs to get back to Kansas. The first chapter of this tale is coming soon as a special edition from Amazon Prime Video on December 2 (Friday).

Get ready to enjoy this brand new Oz adventure in full CG animation with production from Polygon Pictures!

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About Bureau of Magic

Founded in 2014, Bureau of Magic is a film and television production company optimized for the digital age of entertainment. Its flagship series, Lost in Oz, was developed, produced and created by executive producers Mark Warshaw, Darin Mark, Jared Mark, and Abram Makowka.