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  • Mar.22, 2023

"Kaina of the Great Snow Sea: Star Sage" Premiering in Theaters in October!
Kaina and company head for new ground in this newly released Teaser Trailer!
And check out this advance clip from the movie!

Tsutomu Nihei, who penned the original works "Knights of Sidonia" and "BLAME!" has once again teamed up with Polygon Pictures, the studio who brought those works to animated life with overwhelming success, for the ultimate tag-team production of this epic project: "Kaina of the Great Snow Sea."

As per the "2023 FUJI TV Anime Lineup Announcement" made today, we're happy to announce that the theatrical version, "Kaina of the Great Snow Sea: Star Sage" has been slotted for an October theatrical release, and to share the newly released teaser trailer and clip from the film!

Coming to Theaters Nationwide in October: "Kaina of the Great Snow Sea: Star Sage" Teaser Trailer:https://youtu.be/mSSrthBWGgI

Please check the official site for details!

Official Website:ooyukiumi.net
Official Twitter Account @ooyukiumi_kaina