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  • Jun.11, 2023

[Alert] Beware of "spoofed accounts" falsely representing our company

Thank you all very much for your continued support.
We have confirmed that since around May 9, 2023, spoofed e-mails have been fraudulently sent under the name "Polygon Pictures" or the name of a Polygon Pictures employee, directing recipients to a recruiter that we are not affiliated with.
We have also confirmed the existence of spoofed accounts on Telegram.

[The following are the email addresses, account names, and characteristics of the confirmed spoofed accounts.]
Example of spoofed e-mail address: Polygonpictures@outlook.com, etc.
Examples of spoofed Telegram accounts: @polygonpictures, @polygonHR, etc.

・Contact is initiated via e-mail claiming to be Polygon Pictures or a Polygon Pictures employee
・After contact is made via e-mail, recipients are directed to Telegram.
・After an online meeting that is purported to be an interview, they ask you to transfer money to their account.

*These e-mails were not sent from our company, and there has been no leakage of information from PPI.

All emails from our company are sent from the domain "@ppi.co.jp", and emails sent from email domains other than "@ppi.co.jp" have nothing to do with our company, even if our company name or employee names are used. In addition, we do not have an official Telegram account.

It is possible that other similar fake email addresses or accounts exist.
Please check domain and account names, and if you receive a suspicious e-mail or SNS message, please delete the entire e-mail or SNS message without opening it, reading the attached file, or clicking the URL in the body of the message to prevent damage.

We will continue to strengthen our information security measures, including the prevention of unauthorized access, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.