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  • Feb.17, 2022

First Full Use of PPI’s In-House Renderer, PPixel!

Polygon Pictures (“PPI,” President and CEO: Shuzo Shiota, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) is proud to announce that the recently revealed animated series ESTAB LIFE: GREAT ESCAPE, with animation by our studio, was created using our self-developed rendering software PPixel.

PPixel is a renderer specialized in NPR (non-photorealistic rendering), strating with the current cell-shaded style, developed with the aim of realizing unique looks and visual styles in our rapidly diversifying visual media landscape through the incorporation of ideas and know-how our studio has cultivated over many years.

All characters and CG backgrounds in ESTAB LIFE: GREAT ESCAPE were rendered using PPixel. The character outlines required variations in intensity, simulating an appealing, hand-drawn look, which was difficult to achieve with conventional software. Workflow efficiencies could also be achieved, such as rendering the eyebrows visible through the hair in a single-layer setup. Finally, this could all be done with much faster render times, allowing us to retain the advantages of CG animation such as freedom of camerawork and dynamic movement while still producing high-quality images at high productivity.

A further key point we plan to leverage going forward will be the ability to quickly develop new features for PPixel for other titles, to match the specific stylistic needs of those projects.

Our studio will continue to promote the evolution of our own unique CG style and production efficiency through the effective utilization of IT technology, while also partially developing in-house the software required in order to enable high-end video production.

A: Character with outlines, using conventional software.
B: Character with outlines, using PPixel.
C: PPixel, lines only view.
Compared to standard alternatives which can only create uniform lines, PPixel allows us to add variation and improve the look of complex forms such as ears.

About PPixel

PPixel is a CG-style, NPR-focused renderer developed in-house by PPI. Through developing and implementing this software we have been able to create unique visual styles, in addition to integrating existing production pipeline systems, speeding up render times, and improving efficiency by focusing on an NPR look.

For more information on PPixel, please refer to our previous press release: https://www.ppi.co.jp/news_release/ppipr20190912/

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Set against the backdrop of a radically altered Tokyo, Goro Taniguchi’s ESTAB LIFE is a series of adventures playing out over an animated TV series, game, and feature film. The TV series ESTAB LIFE: GREAT ESCAPE is directed by Yusuke Hashimoto (Is the Order a Rabbit?), and written by Shoji Gatoh (Full Metal Panic!).
It will go on air on Fuji TV’s +Ultra from April 2022, and be available via exclusive streaming service from March 1.
* Broadcast and streaming dates may be subject to change without notice.

Official Site: https://establife.tokyo/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/establife