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  • Nov.18, 2022

Polygon Pictures Acquires Additional Shares in Silver Ant PPI, Studio Name Changed to Polygon Pictures Malaysia

Polygon Pictures (“PPI”, President and CEO: Shuzo John Shiota, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) is proud to announce that it has acquired additional shares in its Malaysian subsidiary Silver Ant PPI Sdn Bhd (“SAPPI”, CEO: Yoichi Ataka, Head Office: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia), and that as of November 2, 2022, that studio’s name has been changed to Polygon Pictures Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Polygon Pictures Malaysia”).

SAPPI was founded in January 2013 as a joint venture 3DCG animation studio with local Malaysian studio Silver Ant Sdn Bhd (“Silver Ant”, CEO: Goh Aun Hoe, Head Office: Malaysia). It employs approximately 90 staff members in the pillar of our business, high-quality animation production.

In recent years, the need for overseas studios that understand the particular characteristics of and can produce animation in the globally popular Japanese style has continued to increase. Under these circumstances, and with an objective of further increasing our competitiveness in this field, PPI decided to acquire additional shares in SAPPI, and change the name of the studio to Polygon Pictures Malaysia.

We hope this change will strengthen the cooperation between our studio and our affiliated group companies, and will leverage PPI's global brand power to further revitalize the international animation business in Malaysia.

Polygon Pictures Malaysia’s strategic partnership with joint venture partner Silver Ant will remain in place, and we will continue to do business together under a strong cooperative framework.

Comment from Polygon Pictures Malaysia CEO, Yoichi Ataka

Polygon Pictures Malaysia (formerly SAPPI) approaches the 10th anniversary of its founding in January 2023. While many production companies formed in Malaysia by global studios have been forced to close, relocate, or downsize, we are deeply grateful to our local partner Silver Ant, as well as our many local and international clients, vendors, educational institutions, and industry associates for their support that has enabled us to achieve such stable growth.
We look forward to your continued patronage in this next step of our company’s journey.

About Polygon Pictures Malaysia

Company name: Polygon Pictures Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Chief Executive Officer: Yoichi Ataka
Headquarters: Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Capital: 4,200,000 MYR
Business type: Animation production
Official website: www.ppi-my.com