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  • Mar.17, 2023

Polygon Pictures’ Animated Series
Genki Genki Nontan Latest DVD on Sale from April 26!

Polygon Pictures (“PPI,” President and CEO: Shuzo Shiota, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) is proud to announce the upcoming DVD release of Genki Genki Nontan: Kirakira Shanshan Ohoshisama☆ the latest entry in the Genki Genki Nontan series, with 3D animation produced by our studio.

Genki Genki Nontan is a 3D animated children’s series, based on the Nontan series of picture books created by Sachiko Kiyono (Kaiseisha). The first DVD, released February 2003, contained the three episodes Maigo wa Daare?, Daisuki ABC, and Korokoro Kotoba Ierukana. This year, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this series, Nippon Columbia Co. (President: Miyomatsu Abe, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) will release the latest DVD entry Genki Genki Nontan: Kirakira Shanshan Ohoshisama☆.

With a theme of “stars”, this DVD will contain the two episodes Kirakira Shanshan Ohoshisama and Kirakira Shanshan Roketto Tobaso, originally produced as episodes for a planetarium, a first for this series. In the series’ mainstay Yatte Miyou section, the audience can enjoy learning about the constellations along with Nontan and friends. Also, in the Issho ni Utaou♪ section, full versions of its two feature songs are included. As a further bonus it will include a re-recording of the popular song Nontan Taisou, to round out a DVD that children and adults alike can enjoy.

Along with the planetarium episodes currently playing, we hope you have a chance to enjoy it with your whole family!

DVD Information
Genki Genki Nontan: Kirakira Shanshan Ohoshisama☆
Released April 26, 2023 (Wed)
Price: (tax incl.) 2,750 JPY (tax excl. 2,500 JPY)

Main Content:
Opening: ♪ Genki Genki Nontan
1 Story: Kirakira Shanshan Ohoshisama☆
2 Yatte Miyou: Nan no Katachi?
3 Story: Kirakira Shanshan Roketto Tobaso!
4 Yatte Miyou: Nan ni Mieru?
Ending: ♪ Nakayoshi Rizumu
5 Issho ni Utaou ♪
♪ Kirakira Shanshan Ohoshisama
♪ Fushigina Fushigina Yoruniji
6 Bonus:
♪ Nontan Taisou
* Recording content is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.

Planetarium Showing Information
The Genki Genki Nontan: Kirakira Shanshan Ohoshisama planetarium show is still playing!
Location: Saitama Municipal Youth Astronomical Museum
Time: until March 31, 2023 (Fri)
Official site: https://www.city.saitama.jp/kagakukan/planetarium/p093856.html

Genki Genki Nontan official site: https://columbia.jp/nontan/

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