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  • Press Release
  • Jul.14, 2023

Polygon Pictures to Produce Animation for Marvel Studios’ Upcoming
Spider-Man: Freshman Year

Polygon Pictures (“PPI,” President and CEO: Shuzo Shiota, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) is proud to
announce its involvement in Marvel Studios’ upcoming animated series, Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

Marvel-published Spider-Man comics are beloved around the world, and the story and characters have been adapted into numerous TV series and other media. In Japan, the 2021 live-action film Spider-Man: No Way Home was a smash hit, becoming the first Hollywood film to earn over 4 billion yen at the domestic box-office since the start of the COVID pandemic.

Animation for Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be produced by Japanese digital animation studio, Polygon Pictures. We hope you are looking forward to this return to the world of Spider-Man, utilizing the latest CG technology!

About Spider-Man

Originally created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, Spider-Man made a big splash with his 1962 debut in Marvel Comics’ Amazing Fantasy #15. After the discontinuation of the Amazing Fantasy anthology, Spider-Man would return in his own series The Amazing Spider-Man, beginning in 1963. In 2011, Spider-Man placed third on IGN’s “Top 100 Comic Book Heroes”, behind only Superman and Batman, and in 2014 would be recognized as the “greatest Marvel Comics character of all time”. Officially appearing as part of the Avengers from Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Spider-Man continues to be a mainstay in numerous films, TV series, print, and other media.