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  • Jan.09, 2024

New Pokémon animated short “Snorlax and Cubone” compilation released!
Animation created by Polygon Pictures!

Polygon Pictures Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; president and CEO: Shuzo Shiota; hereinafter referred to as PPI) is pleased to announce the release of compilation and digest versions of the short animation "Snorlax and Cubone", for which it created the animation, on the official Pokémon YouTube channel and other sites today, Friday 29 December.

“Snorlax and Cubone” is a four-episode series of original animated shorts for “Project Snorlax,” a promotional project for Snorlax the “sleeping Pokemon.” The episodes were released every Friday on Project Snorlax’s official X and Instagram starting Friday 5 December. The story begins when Cubone, who will never see his mother again, spies an image of her in the moon and cries out, then meets Snorlax in a forest. This heartwarming story depicts two animals whose relationship evolves little by little through the seasons.
The theme of this series is “healing,” and the series has a soft look reminiscent of a picture book, avoiding the stiffness characteristic of 3D computer animation. A highlight of this series is the beauty of nature, such as flowers fluttering in the wind, fallen leaves, and snowfall. Viewers are offered “healing” with the cute characters Snorlax and Cubone.
The compilation and digest versions will be released to coincide with the release of the final episode on Friday the 29th. We hope you will enjoy watching all four episodes in one go.

“Snorlax and Cubone”
Compilation: https://youtu.be/xGffu81kRfA
Digest version: https://youtube.com/shorts/rJIEDrbJXVA

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About Project Snorlax

Through various activities, this project promotes Snorlax, the “sleeping Pokémon” who appears in the Pokémon series.

Official website: https://www.pokemon.jp/special/project_kabigon/
Official X: https://twitter.com/project_kabigon/
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