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  • Apr.24, 2013

Introducing Cool Michael!
Original Character Goods Available in Select Shibuya/Harajuku Shops!

Polygon Pictures ("PPI," President and CEO: Shuzo Shiota, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) is proud to announce the launch of the "Cool Michael” series, our new dance-oriented character property created in cooperation with Dreams Come True Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Keita Satoh, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) and T-ARTS Company, Ltd. (President: Takashi Konosu, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan).
The series is based on an original concept co-developed by our three companies and designed by artist Naomi Iwata. Starting April 27, a music video featuring Cool Michael will begin playing on the outdoor screens around Shibuya; at the same time, a line of limited-edition character goods will go on sale at Kiddy Land in Harajuku, Shibuya Loft, and other area stores.
We hope you look forward to the all-new adventures of Cool Michael and his friends as they battle it out to become the next Dance Master!

About Cool Michael

Cool Michael is a bear who just loves to dance. He lives in Beatnik City.
All the animals in this town love music and dancing.
Every day they face off in dance battles to see who can win the tournament and be crowned Dance Master.
Who has the skills to beat the rest and claim the title of Dance Master!?
Official site:
Official Facebook page:


About the Cool Michael Dance Video

A promotional video showcasing Cool Michael and his smooth dance moves will be featured on the giant outdoor screens in eight locations around Shibuya!
-Location: Shibuya area (see map at right)
-Release date: starting April 27, 2013

Product Information

Over 40 items from figurines to key-chains go on sale April 27, 2013, for a limited time only.

Retailer Information

-Kiddy Land, Harajuku; Shibuya Loft; and other area shops. Distribution will expand to include other Shibuya and Harajuku retailers.
Kiddy Land official site: http://www.kiddyland.co.jp/

About the Character Designer, Naomi Iwata

Iwata is known for creating picture books and fairy tales, in addition to working in the TV animation industry and as an illustrator for magazines and advertisements. In 1998, she established Milky Cartoon Co., Ltd., where her work on animated TV series like Pecola and Gregory Horror Show received high acclaim. Iwata is currently affiliated with Polygon Pictures, where she is active as a character designer and concept creator for various animated properties.

About Polygon Pictures

Polygon Pictures comprises one of the companies under the umbrella of Amana Holdings Inc. (President and Representative Director: Hironobu Shindo, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan, Securities Code: TSE Mothers 2402). Our main business focus is on providing digital content creation services. This year, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our founding.
Since its founding in July 1983, PPI's mission has been to "do what no other has done, in unparalleled quality, for all the world to see and enjoy." Our production studio brings together over 300 creators from around the world, who devote their days to producing cutting-edge digital content. In addition to long-form, fully CG television series such as Transformers Prime (Daytime Emmy Award winner), Tron: Uprising, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, PPI creates digital animation for films, video games, exhibitions, websites, and smartphones. PPI also manages licensing for our studio's original character properties like the popular penguin duo Rocky & Hopper.
By fusing our unrivalled production know-how with the internationally recognized quality of Japanese animation, PPI aims to become a leading company in the content business.
For more information, visit our website at http://www.ppi.co.jp.

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